Do you Take Care of Your Psychophysical Wellbeing?


Anxiety or excessive fears, compulsions, panic, insomnia, anger, eating

disorders, body diseases, loneliness, intolerable sadness, low sense of self-worth,

relationship troubles, addictions, incapacity to fulfil yourself

do they prevent you from living in harmony?

Take care of yourself with a free meeting with me, on the phone or online,

where you can feel welcomed and heard in your troubles.

Our free talk will enable me to consider how your problems are affecting your life

and what is best suited for your needs.

My view will not be focused on physical or psychic symptoms, but on the Person

as a Whole.

Every individual is a mind and a body inextricably linked and mutually dependent:

emotions have a direct effect on the organic functions and vice versa.

Body and psyche communicate secretly: whatever cannot be expressed in words is

expressed through the body.