In my therapeutic work, when I feel that a person’s unease contains particularly disturbing and still active memories, I will use also Emdr, even online.

Emdr it’s a technique that desensitizes and re-processes disurbing memories through the stimulation of alternating eye movements. This stimulation serves to reactivate communication and balance between the left and right brain hemispheres.

Sometimes time does not heal all wounds. Traumatic memories freeze and remain locked up in the right hemisphere of the brain along with all accompanying emotions, physical sensations and beliefs first experienced at the time of the event.

When situations “similar” to the original traumatic event occur, body memories are activated in the person and they generate automatic reactions of suffering and discomfort.

It is as if it was an unexploded bomb that therefore needs to be defused.


Re-experiencing trauma can make the past seem still present.


With Emdr’s use of bilateral ocular stimulation, the brain re-works the incompleted processing path of the traumatic event so trauma can finally be relocated to the past and integrated into the person’s history.